I checked out of Liverpool and got on a train to Leeds, and then onto New Pudsey. Callum had perfect timing pulling up just as I walked up from the station. That’s right it was time for 24 hours with the Smith-McCredie Fam! I am so glad that we managed to fit this whirlwind 24 hours in. The latest addition to the family Rune had recently made an appearance, 12 days I think it had been by the time I arrived. So he was still pretty fresh out of the oven. He had just started cooking when I visited last year. It was nice to meet him earth side.

After getting to their house Georgie, Cal, and I caught up chatting for a bit. Boosh seemed to remember my terrific stone throwing skills because as soon as she saw me stones were coming my way. It was nice to see her too. It’s so lovely getting to catch up with people and animals on the other side of the world. It really is nice to have friends in different places.

We pretty much just chatted until it was time to go pick the girls up from school. It was lovely to see Bea and Nell again too. When we got back to the house I went and grabbed the gifts I had for everyone. For Cal I had been carrying around a packet of Tim Tams in my suitcase for the last few weeks, I had also packed with me some of the plush toys I had made for the kids. Nell and Bea each got a bat and Rune got an Orca. While in Liverpool I had managed to find a cute crystal shop and had picked up some items that spoke to me for Georgie. It was really lovely to get to visit and share these things with everyone. The girls really seemed to love their bats which made me super happy.

It was a pretty nice evening of chats, going out for a drink, and having a nice cooked dinner.

Cal and I then played a game of chess on an insane board, I lost. It was nice though to play against someone over a board again as I had only been playing with Dad online. Also interesting playing chess with someone else as I really just don’t play with many other people. Yes, I know chess is a multi person game, but I usually play against the computer online or do puzzles, or I play with Dad online and in person.

Our chess game was our two person game while we waited for Georgie so we could all play Catan. Oh, it was so nice to be playing it again. It had been a while since I had a game. It’s always a fun one. Friends that like playing board games all over the world is also a must I believe.

My train was at 1ish the next day so we took our time in the morning before going out for breakfast. I’m glad we squished this fly by visit in but I do look forward to extending it next time. Hopefully we can plan a bit more of a proper catch up next Summer.