My few days in Bibao were a wonderful way to ease into the travel life. It’s a pretty chill place and siesta’s are something I have embraced. Not so much the actual nap but the resting. Especially as my body clock has well been set to Melbourne time. After heading out to explore and getting something to eat I tend to head back to my room by about 2pm. This is a good time to chill out and fit in some work. On my last night in Bilbao I actually left my room again in the evening for some dinner and even stayed up till midnightish (I still woke up at 2am).

On my second day in Bilbao (22nd June) I visited the Guggenheim and then went for a walk and ended up at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum so popped in there too.

The Guggenheim is an impressive sight to see in real life. The size of the sculptures like Puppy and Maman I hadn’t truely appreciated as much in a photo, and the architecture of the museum itself is beautiful to walk through. Stopping by here had been my primary reason for starting my trip in Bilbao.

During the time of my visit there were two feature exhibitions, Motion – Autos. Art. Architecture. (an exploration into car design) and the drawings of Georges Seurat. I just enjoyed taking my own time to wander through the museum and quite enjoyed The Matter of Time by Richard Serra. A large room was filled with multiple steel structures that you could walk between, around, and explore.

It was a lot quieter over at Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and it was nice to get to take the time with some pieces all alone. The way the gallery had been set up at this time was with contrasting pieces from different artists displayed in the same room. The conversations between these pieces were interesting.