Checking out the snow festivals was definitely one of the main reasons I visited Hokkaido, but there were a few other things I also wanted to check out. As I explored the snow festival in Asahikawa the day I arrived it really freed me up to go for a day trip the next day. I had flagged Ningle Terrace as somewhere I wanted to visit as it just looked cool. It’s cute little wood cabins full of unique handmade items, next to an epic snow resort in Furano.

So on the Sunday I got up, did some work, and headed out to figure out catching the bus there. I must of had a confused look on my face as a little old Japanese woman approached me and asked if I needed some help. I said I was just trying to figure out which bus I needed to take. She kindly pointed me in the direction of the buses timetable near the bus platforms. She clearly kept her eye on me and could see me still having a hard time. The problem is that when it comes to buses, Google maps tells you where to catch and bus and where to get off the bus but it doesn’t give you the bus line name or number. So I was trying to track down which bus I was meant to catch from which platform. So the kind woman came outside to me with her walking frame and pointed me in the direction of the info booth. She was so lovely and helpful.

The woman at the info booth, handed me a piece of paper timetable with the bus details to and from where I was going, so that was super helpful. She also pointed me to the right bus platform to catch my bus. This was a bus in Japan where I didn’t need to purchase a ticket before boarding instead when you get off the bus you pay the driver. Depending which stop you get on you collect a piece of paper that then is used to determine your fare. I was riding end to end on this trip and it was about an $11 bus ride each way. This bus wasn’t covered by the JR Pass. I could have caught a train and then got the bus at the station on the other side, but instead opted for the scenic bus ride and just staying on one mode of transport being dropped door to door.

It was snowing a fair bit and the day was just stunning to head out to check out Ningle Terrace. It was super cute and I picked up a few cool gifts, mostly for my Mum. The snow really made it feel magical and if you are into skiing, snowboarding, staying at this resort and visiting Ningle Terrace at night is also quite a treat. In the daytime I still thought it was stunning!

I then just caught the bus back to Asahikawa, caught up on some work, and got ready to check out the next day.
On Monday I went and caught the shinkansen and headed to Hakodate for a few days. It was a long day of travel and by the time I arrived I just went for a bit of a quick walk to find my bearings and pick up some food. Saw a crow eating another bird and came across some pretty lights and a little lit up space playing music. I also discovered a great vegan microwave meal option at the konbini, veggie curry and some rice. Easy and quite tasty.

The next day I went out for a walk and headed up to Mt. Hakodate Observatory. It was such a great view and lookout over the city. This view has been known to rank on top views of Japan lists, especially top night views in Japan. I went during the day though as I actually just wanted to see the snow covered landscape. I have been loving my snow experience and travelling through winter. I considered coming back for the night time sight, but by that time I was done for the day.

After taking in the views I just went and walked around the city for a bit. Checking out the sights and finding out a bit more about the area. I stopped by the Gokoku Shrine near the observatory and then visited the tourist slope spots. These all offered great views down to the marina.

Tonight is my last night in Hakodate and Hokkaido. I would love to come back to this prefecture again during other seasons to experience it in other ways and see more of the things.

@gnattus Let's visit Ningle Terrace in Furano Hakkaido, Japan. There is no filming in the cottages showcasing hand crafted items but the whole place was magical! #japantravel #solotraveller #Hakkaido ♬ Beautiful Life - Vin Music