I was up early on Sunday morning, did some work and then got ready to head off to a walking tour I had found and booked through AirBnB Experiences. Luca was the guide and he was fantastic! Super friendly, so informative and by 1pm I knew more about Spanish, Catalan, and Barcelona’s history than I did when I woke up.

We met and began our tour in Plaça Sant Jaume which was the centre of the Roman city of Barcino. Now Barcelona, and where the Palace of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the City Hall face opposite each other. After a brief overview history of the city and it’s Roman design we headed to El Pont del Bisbe.

We continued our exploration by visiting places such as the Cathedral of Barcelona, Plaça del Rei, the remaining columns of the Temple of Augustus, Plaça De Sant Felip Neri, and others.

Here is a quick little video I have edited together of some poorly filmed footage of the walk, which hopefully I improve my skills with on during my travels. Also remembering that if I use the wide camera it catches part of the gimbal in shots. I had noticed this previously but forgotten. It will become ingrained in my brain.

After the tour I got some lunch and I was close-ish to the beach so I thought I would head down there for a look. I kind of knew if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t make it down. The thing with beaches is that unless it’s a planned and organised trip where I have shade with me, I’m just not going to enjoy it that much. But walking along the beachside was worth checking out. It is a bit like St.Kilda on steroids, probably closer to Venice beach or something – but I haven’t been there.

I decided it was time to head back to my hotel room to cool off and do some work, which seems to be my afternoon/evenings. It is the hottest part of the day, so it makes sense, also by Melbourne time (which I think my body is still floating somewhere between) it seems like a good idea. After a few hours of work though I headed out to grab a bite to eat and Javier (Reddit dude) came to meet me. It was good to catch up again and compare our days. We decided to grab a drink afterwards and I noticed Nevermind was 3 minutes away, but it turned out to be another Nevermind (I later was told there is also a third one apparently). This one didn’t have a skate bowl, but still had skate vids playing, sick tunes, super awesome bar dude, and gave out bowls of popcorn. I decided to stay a bit longer after Javier left as it was still early and I was enjoying just being out around good music playing in a cool space. I ended up chatting to a UK dude named Ben who lives in town and then some of his work mates who were also from the UK rocked up and I just hung out with them till the bar closed. Here I was worried I had forgot how to chat to randoms. I hadn’t intended to stay out that late, but it’s good chatting to peeps. I then walked back to my hotel and got a few hours of sleep before another big day.

I’ve really been enjoying just journaling my adventures so far and just writing for writing, not for enhancing content for SEO or anything. It’s been a while since I have made time for doing that. Hope that it’s legible and if not here are some pretty pictures that I hope you enjoy looking at.