I left Bristol on a train headed to Bath. My timing so much on this trip has had me arrive in places just recently after some big event has taken place in the town. This time I have just missed the Jane Austen Festival which took place from the 9th – 18th September. Financially missing these events probably isn’t such a bad thing. I think it’s why I keep feeling like I am getting okay deals on accomodation. However, I do think it might be fun to check out some of these things too sometime. Let’s call this trip more the research trip to find out about these things and then I can plan for them in the future.

Anywho, I ended up just rolling my suitcase 10 mins away from the station to where I was staying. It was pretty flat and easy to move my luggage and I just wanted to walk through this lovely town I had arrived in. I had a little apartment to myself which was a great home for 3 nights. Fantastic location for walking around the block into the city centre.

So Jane Austen lived in bath for a while, she didn’t really write while she was here, however Mary Shelley did. Apparently while she was living in Bath she wrote most of Frankenstein. There is a Jane Austen museum and right next door a Mary Shelley one too. I walked to where they were and then decided not to go in.

I really enjoyed just walking around Bath and taking in the views of the town. I didn’t actually get up to too many touristy type things, but I did get some life administration underway. I figured out how to send some things back to Australia, just souvenirs and Xmas/Birthday presents for the Fam – along with some summer clothes I wasn’t going to need anymore. I also got an appointment at a beauty salon for some waxing and got my eyebrows tinted again so they don’t just blend into my face. It was quite nice to get some of that maintenance taken care of by someone else again after 3 months. Some of the things you do regularly at home get a bit more tricky to fit in and organise when you’re on the move squishing so many other things in.

Coming to the UK I really have looked at this as an opportunity to slow things down a bit on the travel front. I think it was part of the plan with coming to start experiencing the Autumn and Winter seasons over here. Currently the weather has been quite Melbourne like. I haven’t had to pick up any winter clothes yet but I have started checking out the op shops and seeing what’s available. I will need to start getting some clothes soon.

I really just took a few days in Bath to start getting back on top of work bits after having a couple busy days being with others. Ryn and I also did a workout over Zoom, it’s a little bit easier to coordinate times to do these when we are in the same time zone.

On Thursday it was time for me to pack up my things and head back to the train station. I just wheeled my suitcase back there again as it was a very easy walk, and waited for my train to Swansea to arrive.