After arriving in Otočac I settled into living the quiet life for the next 6 weeks. I scheduled this stop into my trip to visit with family for Christmas and to just chill out for a bit. I am so grateful to my Teta for having created this space that I can use to just pause for a bit, work a lot, and save up for another travel leg. Between working and catching up on Netflix I was also planning and booking my upcoming trip to Japan in February.

I didn’t really update here during that rest as I literally was just working and sitting on a couch. There wasn’t a great deal to share. I didn’t have a car and this was a literal I am only spending money on heating and food. The most exciting bit was that it was snowing and I got to make my first ever snow angel. It was pretty cool to get to come back through and get to see the area in another season. From seeing it in summer and now in winter was lovely.

During my final week here my Mum’s Teta sadly passed away. She was the last remaining sibling of my Baba. I was grateful that I got to attend her funeral on behalf of my Baba and family back in Australia. Especially as over the last few years there have been quite a few deaths between us across the seas. It also ended up being bittersweet in the way that it meant I got to meet and connect with some other family members.

I actually met another cousin (Mihaela) who lives in Zagreb. We ended up organising to catch up the night before I left Croatia as I was staying in Zagreb. It was nice to get to know her and her partner a bit more. On the 31st January I ended up catching a flight from Zagreb to Warsaw, to then catch a plane to Tokyo, Japan. Goodbye Europe, thanks for the last several months, I’ll be back later this year though.