It was an early start on the 28th June. I was catching the metro by 7:30am making my way to Barcelona-Sants train station. Here I was catching one of the high speed trains heading to Figueres. A return ticket for this trip from Barcelona cost about $60 (AUD). The train was pretty comfortable with plenty of leg room. It takes about an hour to reach Figueres from Barcelona.

I arrived just after 9am and walked into the city centre to find myself an espresso. I still had some time before I headed to the Dali Museum for my 11am booking and I noticed that The Toy Museum of Catalonia was close by and about to open. So I headed there and spent about an hour walking through.

I paid the extra $1 Euro for the audio guide for this one and learnt a few interesting things. Like the sexuality education dolls from Hong Kong, Kar Kar and Tuk Tuk. Both who have been designed to look similar to promote equality, and who are designed with sexual organs that fit together, as well as two children (a boy and a girl) who can be birthed from Kar Kar.

I really enjoyed looking at all the old theatre and puppet show sets. They just make me think of the high on the hill goats from Sound of Music, or Punch and Judy shows.

The suggestion for exploring the toy museum is to start at the top and work your way down, so by the time I reached the bottom it was time for me to make my way over to the Dali Museum. It’s only about a 2 minute walk away.

I wasn’t doing a guided tour or anything for the Dali Theatre-Museum. I just wanted to take my time, exploring at my own pace. All up I spent about 3 hours walking around. I really enjoyed the rock figure series and all the sketches displayed on the walls around most floors. It was a great day trip and well worth the visit. The museum was fantastical and it was quite surreal to be there. That man’s mind was a vivid dream scape.

I was a bit peckish after looking around so I did a quick Google Map search for vegan food and found a cute cafe to eat at. Afterwards I walked back to the train station and headed back to Barcelona. I think it was around 5ish when I made it back to my hotel and again I just stayed in. Caught up on work and all that stuff.