Before leaving Australia, going to Montserrat was one of the few things I was certain I wanted to do when visiting Barcelona. I am so glad that even after a few packed days I decided to get up early once again and make my way to the Metro. I had to head to España station and then get over to the part of the station where the R5 train to Montserrat is and buy my ticket. This is also about an hour long train ride and cost around $35 (AUD) for a return trip. This ticket cost included the cable car up and down from Montserrat.

I chose the cable car option rather than the rail train as I had never taken a cable car and it seemed like the cooler and more exciting choice. Which it was I think and OMG! The views were worth it. It is absolutely stunning from up on that mountain and once there looking down, you can appreciate the desire to build Santa Maria de Montserrat (a Benedictine abbey) up there.

I took a turn about the town before embarking up some stairs and finding myself heading higher. This was some great exercise and I stopped along the way quite a few times to take in the views (and catch my breath). While I was walking up these stairs I was reminded of the one time I did the 1000 steps in the Dandenongs, and how those didn’t really compare to this.

I filmed quite a lot of this day including both cable car rides so I will try to edit that footage together a bit soon and add it here later. Just trying to catch up on all the posting and photo editing for now.