On my last day in Aberdeen I headed out for a day trip. I had noted Dunnottar Castle as a place of interest and I found out that it was easy enough to travel to Stonehaven by train. I then walked to the castle from there. Stonehaven seemed like a cute town from my short visit through. I did stop by the chemist to pick up some cold and flu tablets as I had come down with a bit of a head cold during the week and with being out and about I just wanted to dry my sinuses up!

I then headed off on my walk. It’s a pretty decent trek and the scenery is magical. Seeing the ocean, the cliffs, and Dunnottar Castle off in the distance was picturesque. Literally, scroll down, check out my pics. It was such a beautiful day. I made sure to pop the sunscreen on everywhere today as earlier in the week I got a bit pink. Yep, even on a 24 degree day in Scotland the sun is still out to get me.

It got slightly busier as I approached the castle. On the walk there I went past a few people heading back towards Stonehaven but near the castle you also get people who have come by car and from the car park. I made my way down the path and then back up towards the castle entrance. It’s pretty epic and an amazing place for a castle. I love walking around these old sites trying to image what life would have been like. The grounds and buildings are distinguishable and there are information signs placed around the different rooms and buildings which really help with getting your bearings and understanding where you are.

It wasn’t super busy inside, the grounds are large and there is a lot to see. It was also lunchtimish, so probably in the middle of the busiest times. So there were many times when I was alone in a space just getting to move through and enjoy at my own pace. I spent about 1.5 hours inside exploring. There is just so much history on this rock and it’s incredible. My brain really does struggle a bit with some of the timelines.

I am really glad that I made this trip out and came here. If you find yourself on the North East of Scotland I recommend heading out for the day. When I had finished my exploring I headed back out to make my return trip to Aberdeen. One woman I came across leaving the castle asked me if it was busy and worth gong in. I told her it was and how much time I spent there so she could make her decision.

As it was Friday night and my last night in Aberdeen I decided to go check out the actual pub where I was staying. Just as I entered the band for the night had finished setting up, so I said hi to the owner, got myself a drink, and took a seat. Well by then end of night, which was near closing time – I had danced and chatted the night away with the locals. I have to say, UK pub patrons are very friendly and welcoming people. Well, from my experience now twice.