On Saturday I packed my things and got ready to spend my final days in the UK back visiting Damo (and the dogs). I’m starting to feel like a pro getting myself around London with the trains and all that. It’s still Google Maps who is the star of the show, or actually I am the star, they get the best supporting role award. I can only be as good as I am with the tools around me. Anyway, I got my train and headed off to Damo’s place. I got there a bit earlier than he was going to be home from work so I dumped my suitcase in the backyard and wandered down to his folk’s place.

It had been 3 weeks since I was last here and it was quite nice to be back. The dog barking at the door went a bit quiet when I spoke which was good to see they hadn’t forgotten me. I was excitedly greeted by a Jess and Callie, snubbed and ignored a bit by Ruby. She came and said hi at the start and then remembered she was obviously upset with me. It took a little bit of time before she was jumping up trying to kiss me and happily getting a pat. She couldn’t stay mad forever!

Had a good catch up with Damo’s fam about what had been going on in everyone’s lives and chilled out for a bit. It was really nice to manage to fit in an extra visit back here for my last few days. Kind of cool getting to see how the trees and neighbourhood was looking as the season was moving through.

Damo, Kirsty, and I went out for dinner and then Kirsty and I stopped by the local for a drink. There was a band playing covers, initially they said they were a 90’s indie cover band but that quickly turned into a 60/s-70’s cover band. Kirsty and I were quite pleased to discover that we were among the youngest in the pubs demographics.

On Sunday Damo and I just did some errand run around stuff. It was nice just to get to hang out and chat. The last few days in the UK were definitely kept in good company. I am already checking plane tickets for my return as there are a couple of things that were on my to see and do list that I didn’t get to fit in this time round.

On Monday Morning I headed off and caught the bus from Milton Keynes to the airport. It was time to leave the UK and head to the Netherlands.