It was back in about 2008/2009 I had every intention of heading to Cairns in 2012 for the Eclipse Festival. Unfortunately I never made it there and since then each time the eclipse and festival have happened I have not been in a position to attend. However the times they have changed. I have worked hard over the last few years to clear all of my debt with the goal of heading to Argentina in December 2020.

The tickets are booked and this years eclipse will be the starting point for what I hope is at least a year of travelling and looking around abroad. This is the first post of which I hope will be many. This site is where I will be sharing my travels for those wanting to keep up with where I am and what I’m doing.

In November I will head to Auckland, New Zealand for a day before flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I will have a few days to explore before making my way south towards Bariloche which is 2.5 hours away from the Global Eclipse Festival site.

Post festival I will take a few days to travel back to Buenos Aires before flying off to Barcelona, Spain. From there, onto Zagreb, Croatia – where I will meet my parents for Christmas market exploration and meeting some family members for the first time.

Who knows at this point what 2021 will hold but I look forward to looking around with you all.