When I checked into my hotel in Liverpool I found myself in an amazing old room. It was huge, the bathroom was separate and massive however, there was no shower. The booking I made said there was a shower so I went down to reception and she provided me with a new key and moved me into a different room. I also asked about internet as I saw that there was a paid internet service but the booking also said Free WIFI in the room and I showed this to the woman and was then given an internet code to use for my stay. Which there was no way I was going to pay an extra $7 pounds a day to use the internet. The new room was smaller but I much preferred a bathroom with a shower and the room was quite suitable for my stay. I then settled in and ventured out for a bit of a walk around to explore where I was and pick up some room snacks.

The next morning as I was getting ready there was a knock on my door and a confused cleaning lady thought that the room I was in was empty and I explained the move that happened. I was doing some work and a little while later two other women came to my door also confused with clip boards clearly from the reception and I told them what had happened. They then said that it seems that the other person hadn’t done the job properly as in their records they still had me listed in the previous room I never stayed in and no longer have a key for. They said no worries and that it would all be sorted and I would have no more issues…. Well let’s just cut to my return from my outing. I rocked up and went to check into my room, as I was some other guy was walking down the corridor past me as I was walking back to the elevator as my room key no longer worked. He then huffed and quickly returned also meeting me at the elevator and we discovered that he was given a key to my room. Obvs he opened the door to find my things in there.

So we went down to reception together, where I told them exactly everything that had happened. I had a key re-activated to last for my entire stay (as the key he had been given was only for one night) and he was provided with a new room and key. I am so glad though that he was a decent person and that the timing of it all just worked out exactly as it did. In fact, I had been out and checked the views from the St.John’s Beacon (Radio City tower). I had a good chat to the dude that worked there and planned out a bit of a walking around explore path I was going to take. I just happened to pick up a few things when I was out and decided to just pop back to my hotel room quickly. That’s when this all happened. I even ummed and ahhed about do I bother going back or not and I am so glad the universe pushed me into the going. This is why just trust your gut! My waters are spookily onto things some times

Anyway, after the excitement, I headed back out again to explore some more of Liverpool. I headed out to check out the St. James Memorial Cemetery. This is one of the coolest cemeteries I have ever seen, as there are so many living people in it. It’s more of a social park with tombs throughout. It’s a lovely green space and it was such a beautiful day. there were lots of picnics and sunbathing happening. Nearby I ended up finding a great walk along street art filled walls too so walked along there. It was a good city explore day and about 7pm when I headed back to my hotel for the evening.

On Sunday I chilled out in the morning and did some work before going to get some lunch. It was then more street art photos and walking around. It was really nice this time to check out a bit more of the street art scene in Liverpool. I had been given some recommendations of places and things to see and do from Wesley in Real Life including good art areas to visit. He had made lots of suggestions and unfortunately I didn’t get to them all, but it was nice to have some local intel and ideas to springboard off.

Monday was my last day in Liverpool and a bit more of the same, work and walking around looking at things. I went and did some shop searching and just took myself out for a walk.