After making my way on the Hello Kitty train to Osaka airport I started the journey back to Melbourne in a Pikachu plane. I decided to book my flight with Scoot to save some $$$ and had a long overnight stopover in Singapore. As in, I arrived at midnight and my flight out wasn’t until 11am. So I ended up paying to spend 5 hours in the lounge there and my gosh it was worth it. Even with that extra cost overall the flight was still cheaper than other options, so I was still okay with my choices. The lounge choice was definitely a win. I ended up spending a few of the hours just working actually. Started trying to get back on top of some things. I then just curled up onto a comfy chair and dozed on and off for an hour or so. Leaving the lounge and walking back into the airport I was even happier with what I had done. I know now just how much lounges are worth it now.

Once I landed back in Melbourne my folks came and picked me up at the airport. They had to do quite a few laps around as it took AGES, for my luggage to come out. It was about a 45 minute wait at the baggage collection, where I had arrived just as they reached the airport. So they did the loop da loop, and then we finally connected. Max dog seemed a bit unsure about me when I got home. I think he had just woken up and wasn’t 100 on if I was real or a dream. It took me being home a few days before he came back to sleeping in my bed and back to his usual self with me. Of course this made me feel pretty bad, knowing that I was just planning on leaving again soon.

Coming home was strange in that it felt like I had never left. Just slipped right back into working and catching up with people, friends and family. I did getalong to the Rone – Time exhibition that was happening at Flinders Street Station. When I was in Japan I saw that there were still tickets available and for when I was back so I quickly booked myself a spot. I had a good day just taking the train into the city and seeing the exhibit. It didn’t disappoint and I am so glad that I came back and got to experience it.

I also went to some Bass gigs and caught some mates spinning tunes. I made it back for Eelz set at Homebass, which was an amazing night that had me catching up with so many familiar faces all at once. I also got to see Terratori do her thing and kick off the K+Lab Live AV gig.

The Melbourne Comedy Festival was also on when I was back and I went out for a night at the Comic’s Lounge with friends, and also took my niece out to see the Trash Test Dummies.
One other event I was quite excited to be back in town for was the live recording of the first season finale of the Dissecting Disney Ditties podcast. Where the impossible question of “What is the Best Disney Song?” was answered. If you haven’t yet, give it a listen and if you want more, support them over on Patreon and unlock a bunch of bonus episodes.

Probably one of the most tourist-like activities I did was end up going to a footy match! I haven’t been to the football in years – probably about 16, however Sabina and Sheena are mad for it and getting along to a game with them ended up being the perfect way for the three of us to catch up! This was also the first time I have ever gone to see an AFL game of teams that I don’t go for. It was quite fun, probably because I had absolutely no emotional attachment to the outcome. It was an awesome day/night that ended with me and Sabina at the Corner Hotel, where I wound up singing Down With The Sickness by Disturbed at metal karaoke.

Besides all that I worked. I met with people. I also sorted out a bunch of body bits. I saw the dentist and osteo. I also went and saw a pediatrist for the first time in my life and now have orthotics. I saw the waxer. I saw Josh my hairdresser. After 10 months it was so nice to have him do my hair, just in time for me to leave the country again.

It was nice to be around to celebrate Lesley’s 40th birthday, and apologise to Troy that I would not be able to attend his 50th. I made it along to Cleo’s 3rd birthday which was a nice way to see mates and say goodbye a few days before jumping back on a plane. Also I finally remember to pass over the Little Miss book I bought in Greece for her, turned out I was well prepared with a present. It was lovely to also get out to visit MC, feed the animals, and meet the two new baby Alpaca’s. If you’re interested in staying out in Yarra Glen sometime check out the AirBnB listings here and here. You too can meet the Alpacas and Highland Cows. It was fun catching up with people, playing games, or having coffee, lunch, or dinner.

I then pretty much packed up things, felt no where near as organised as I wanted to, and got on a plane headed for the UK.