I did a bit of work on Friday morning before taking the rest of the day off to go to explore Canterbury. I had been tossing up whether to go today or on Sunday. Figured today was good and that way I could just maybe have a potter about on Sunday instead. I walked to the train station and took this as an opportunity to suss out how the walk would be with my suitcase on Monday morning when I leave. I decided it’s doable.

I didn’t really have any plans for things to do and see when I arrived. I considered booking into a tour but decided just to do a self paced wander and see what I found in a few hours. I got off the train and just headed in the direction where all the other cool kids were going. I walked past the West Gate Tower Museum and headed towards the cathedral. I didn’t go inside and as you can see from the photo below there is some works taking place on the outside. It was nice to just get out and explore a historical place and walk the streets.

I popped into the The Beany (Royal Museum) and checked out the exhibitions. I had a nice chat with another woman and the guy working there about the Thomas Sidney Cooper pieces on display. I really liked his ‘Separated, but not divorced’ painting. It’s nice to go into these galleries and museums and get to find out and see pieces from local artists both historical and contemporary.

Afterwards I went and grabbed a bite to eat and then just walked around a bit more before heading back to the station. The Canterbury Castle is closed off so I could only see bits of it from the surrounding streets.

When I was there and waiting for my train I heard an announcement about train line works on Sunday and buses running instead between Ramsgate and Canterbury. I was very happy at that point regarding my decision to have my day trip today. I would of hated having to get a bus here and figuring that all out.

I would like to come back and do some tours and properly see more of Canterbury, in off peak season though. It was lovely to visit.

As it was Friday night and I was staying at a pub. I decided to head to the pub for a bit of a break and a drink. It turned into an at the bar till closing time type of night. As I sat at the bar I started chatting with the pub owner and his wife for a bit and we were getting along great…Then a bunch of their mates came along and well, that was my night sorted. Really lovely friendly people, and it was nice to socialise and have a good chat with decent folk and got to meet some sweet dogs too.