On Saturday it was time to check out of Aberdeen and make my way to Perth in central Scotland. Why was I going to here, well when it came to planning m trip I just kind of looked for somewhere between Aberdeen and Glasgow so that I could see a bit more of things. i figured when I would get there I would see what was around and figure out what to do. Turns out Scone Palace is in this neck of the woods.

When I arrived at Perth’s train station there were quite a few people out the front and no taxi’s in sight. The staff that were there said it was weird and there was something going on. Another woman next to me got the number of a company and gave them a call – I asked her if she could order me one too while at it as I didn’t have call enabled on my phone for UK numbers. Turns out there was going to be a 2 hour wait on that taxi. Instead I looked up where I had to go and how to get there, turns out a bus stop is right near my accommodation so I just wheeled my suitcase the 5 minutes up the road from the station to get the next bus. It cost less than 2 pounds to get where I was going. In this moment I decided I would also get the bus back to the station in a few days when I was leaving. I am getting better at this bus catching thing. I have learnt just tell the driver what stop you are going to and they will figure the rest out for you.

I had an hour to wait to check in and so just chilled out the front of the place. It turns out unbeknownst to me when I booked it, that this place had been in and won some UK TV show about bed and breakfast type accommodations or something. The owners were nice and so was the place. It was a decent price when I booked it and I was definitely the youngest person staying there that I saw. I do like being the youngest in a place still sometimes. I sure notice I am not one of the young ones out at gigs and festivals anymore.

I freshened up and then headed out to see where I was and find something to eat. I went for a little walk around the city centre before just heading back to chill out and do some work for the evening. Breakfast was included in my booking so I headed down for some toast at 7:30am. I have been up very early during this UK trip. I hadn’t realised just how much daytime there is over here at this time of year. The sun sets at about 11:30pm and is up at 4:30. As someone who doesn’t sleep in the daytime and doesn’t sleep lots anyway, I have noticed a bit of lack in the sleep department. I am making sure I am getting enough though and do have sleeping tablets on hand if I need to use them.

After breakfast I headed back to my room to do some more work. I certainly got into a steady routine of this over my stay in Perth. Around late morning/ lunchtime it was time to take a break and go explore some more. I had flagged a museum and gallery in town so decided to go check them out. I started things off with a walk over to the Black Watch Castle & Museum. It’s not a Game of Thrones thing… Well maybe it kind of is, it’s an army thing. I learnt all about the Black Watch. I pretty much went into there blind and it was interesting to learn things I didn’t know.

I then went and checked out the Perth Musuem and Art Gallery. They are currently going through a move with the museum and gallery so I looked around what was there to see. This building is now the gallery building and the museum portion is moving into it’s own building. Another gallery that also housed a lot of art was also closed as its collection was going to be getting moved into this building too. So, if you want to look at art and things in Perth, than maybe by next summer season you will be able to see all the things.