I had heard so much about Plitvice Lakes before coming to Croatia. It was definitely on the Must See list before I even left Australia. I actually remember Dad calling me back in 2019 when he and Mum were last in Croatia and visited the lakes. He video called me from them just to tell me and show me how good it was. Anyway, yesterday I got to experience this magical, lush place all on my own. I didn’t video call anyone, I did film it though. (Scroll to the bottom for the footage. )

I had pre-booked my tickets as it can book out especially during peak season and when I booked Entrance 1 was sold out already. So when you book your ticket you can pick for which entrance, 1 or 2. I was going to pick Entrance 2 anyway as it’s the closest from my direction. At the end of it, I was pretty happy with my choice too. I think I would choose it again, which I might if I go back in December to see it in a completely different season.

So I did no research into walking around or anything before I got there, all I did was book my entrance. So I got there, parked the car, and then figured out where I had to walk to. Across a bridge over the road and over to the shuttle bus stop. Next to this were some signs with letters showing routes and how long they approximately take. I had no idea what any of this meant, well obviously I figured out that it was paths around the lakes but no more detail about them than that.

Anyway, the first thing I clearly had to do was just get on this shuttle bus. This is where they scanned my park entrance ticket, so I got on the bus. This bus then drives you over to another spot where there is a walking path through the lakes. The lakes is split into different sections, the lower lakes and the upper lakes. By starting at Entrance 2 it meant that I was starting my journey at the upper lakes. I was taken to a spot where I saw some of the letters and routes marked out again and so I just started following the sign and made my way along the path.

I had checked the weather the day before and prepared for it by going and buying myself an umbrella because it was a rainy day. The morning started pretty misty too. However, I don’t think this was a bad thing. It wasn’t bucketing down so much that you were drenched. So many people were just wearing those cheap plastic raincoat things over their clothes pretty happily. It was just constantly wet. The umbrella did a good job, but I was most impressed with my Vessi’s! Now these were a pair of shoes I bought because of a YouTuber who did some paid promotion for these shoes. I was on the hunt for shoes to buy for travelling and the way she talked about how good they did in wet weather sold me. She’s Canadian, I was trusting her talking about them in weather. So I looked these shoes up, they seemed pretty good. What I liked is that they just look like a pretty chill sneaker. They weren’t cheap, about $200 but considering they have pretty much been my daily shoe for the last 3 months I’m cool with it. Even more so after the walking experience I had yesterday in them.

My feet were completely dry. I was walking in mud, I was walking in puddles. If I had just had my normal runners my feet would of been soaked! I even filmed myself talking about how impressed I was with the shoes! I am not getting paid to promote these shoes, but I would definitely buy another pair, and recommend them.

So I walked across the path and when it came to an intersection it was the pick a path part of my journey. Remember I said I did no research into anything and didn’t really understand the clearly understandable coding system of the paths so I had to learn and figure this out. I took the path that had a green C and a yellow E(?) on it. I ended up back at the start where the shuttle bus had dropped me off. I had walked around at this point for about 50 minutes. So I went back to where I started and decided to get back to the bit where I chose this path and go take the other one and see where that one takes me. I got back there and decided to follow the letter H. So I went that way now instead.

Each time I was faced with a path choice, I knew now that if I chose the C/E direction I would likely just end up back at the start. So I just kept following the H/K sign. I wasn’t really following the K so much, I was drawn to the H, they just shared wall space. Eventually this path led me to a boat ramp. There were 3 choices at this intersection. You could follow the C/E path again, the H boat line, or there was another K/B/F or something like that option. I decided to commit to following the H and joined the line to get on a boat. Turns out this boat takes you over to the lower lakes near Entrance 1.

So once I disembarked I kept following that H sign and ended up joining a line. OMG, there were so many people over this side. Turns out this stupid line was a line for people to line up to take selfies and shit in front of a waterfall. The path around the lakes is kind of only a 2 file sort of thing. You can have single file moving in 2 directions down the paths, but once there are umbrella’s and people stopping for photos and selfies and everything it can get clogged and frustrating. Especially I discovered on this lower lake side. There was a lot more space between people and stuff on the upper lakes paths I found.

I was getting annoyed with people at this side. Anyone that has ever walked with me anywhere has probably experienced the tension and energy I generate when restricted by other people’s shit walking. I was really happy at this point that I wasn’t with anybody else and was on my own, so I could just steam rail past in places to get some space between me and others. The good thing was I took my gimbal along for this journey so I just held it up and filmed these bits as I walked past looking at them, trying to enjoy the view. I figured if I wanted a photo of these bits and couldn’t get a shot without holding up a line of people for ages I would just grab a screenshot from my footage. I don’t need a picture of me in front of a friggen waterfall. The waterfall is the cool pretty part, I’m not adding anything by being in the picture. (this is why I am not insta famous I think – wrong attitude)

Anywho, I kept following the signs that said H and eventually the crowds started to dissipate from my walking direction a bit. It was nice to just be able to breathe and enjoy taking in my surroundings as I made my way around. It was instead the same 2 or 3 groups that I was playing photo tag passing with. This is where you walk past someone who has stopped for their photo moment but there is enough gaps between people that you don’t need to stop at that exact place to take a photo and you keep walking till you reach a spot that you want a shot of. Then you stop for your photo, and that same group you walked past just before now walk past you. Etc. This game can go on for a little bit, eventually you end up playing with another group instead.

I wasn’t interested in talking to anybody throughout the day. I was really enjoying my surroundings and my own company. I was enjoying just getting to stop and film and photograph and play in my own time, and walk at my own pace. Eventually following the H led me to another shuttle bus stop and this one was taking me back to where I got on the first shuttle bus, near the car park. I had been wandering around the park for about 5 hours or so at this point and figured it was time to head home then. So I got paid for my parking (60HRK) and drove back to Prozor.

After seeing the lakes I am still planning on returning in December to see them again. I can understand too why tour guides can walk around it and see it hundreds and thousands of times. I can see myself walking around it again and again, and anyone that ever comes and visits me and stays with me in Croatia this will be a thing we will most certainly do.