Finally Saturday arrived and it was time to get to the museums! I checked out The Micro Museum right next door to This Museum is not Obsolete first. This is what not throwing out any tech for your entire life looks like. It is an epic collection of computers, gaming consoles, calculators and more. It’s a real nostaligia walk for anyone familiar with tech especially from the 80’s/90’s. There are a range of games set up for you to play, along with staff who are more than happy to chat with you about the items on display.

I then headed next door to make some noise. I was a bit excited to finally be walking into a space I had been watching via YouTube from the other side of the world. It was definitely worth the visit and I really enjoyed getting to spend some time playing around and making music. Getting to play with sound toys is always fun. There were a few people around but more than enough items that there was always something to have a go on while waiting to try something else. The highlight was probably getting to play Joan’s Organ. The sound from it was pretty cool, and having watched the videos for it and everything it was pretty cool getting to play it. Actually, that’s with a few things here. Having seen them be built to getting to interact with the machines was awesome. If you’re into synths, playing with sound, and find yourself in Ramsgate between April and October on a weekend, then try to get along for sure.

Before leaving I picked myself a sticker sheet for some merch. I haven’t started sticking anything on my new computer yet, I wonder if I will

Sunday was my last day in Ramsgate so I went for a walk and explored down by the pier a bit more as it was a lovely day. I checked out the steam tug Cervia that is docked in Ramsgate for restoration. It was built by Alexander Hall in 1945/6 and sank on the 25th October 1954 while tugging the P&O Arcadia liner. It was refloated and pulled into Ramsgate for repairs.

After my outing it was back to my room to do some work and get ready to head off in the morning.