I didn’t eat a lot out in Aomori prefecture, even though I was there for a few days. I actually just kept to konbini meals. This was a bit of a stay to try to catch up for a few days, save money, and not spend lots. It was nice to just chill out, I was meant to check out the place that was literally at the base of my hotel for food and just never got there. This was definitely a rest time for me.


I came here after exploring Hirosaki Castle and was looking for a nice warm meal. I opted for the chickpea curry and OMG, it was amazing! The smell was incredible from the moment the plate was placed in front of me. The woman here was lovely and certainly makes good food. I also took a piece of carrot cake home with me for later.

The place itself is pretty cute (header image) and small, only a few seats, but I had the whole place to myself. It was a shoes off with slip-ons provided upon entry.

Vegan Eats: Aomori Japan | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: Aomori Japan | Nat Looking Around


This place had a great vibe and was on the larger side. There were two dining room areas as well as a space filled with vegan/veg alternatives. The food was great, I had the set lunch meal, and it was great. Delicious and a variety of colours, flavours, and textures. The staff were friendly and very helpful, and it was easy to request the vegan option.

I also picked up some crackers from here that I hadn’t seen in other stores for a bit of a snack for later. It was nice to walk here from where I was staying and get to check out a bit more of Aomori to get here.