I flew into Athens for a few days to explore some of the historic sites and of course eat some food. As what tends to happen when I have packed full exciting days I only end up eating once a day and I was only in Athens for 3 nights. Overall eating out is a lot cheaper in Greece than in Croatia. Most meals here are around 6-9 Euros, which is pretty reasonable considering how decent the food is.
Vegan Eats Athens | Nat Looking Around


It was about 8pm by the time I checked into my accomodation and I was definitely in need of some food. I was just going to get somethings at the supermarket but decided to just go suss out some restaurants that were near by. Usually I get on the apps and find somewhere but this time I just walked up and asked if they had anything. The staff was super lovely and helpful, showed me some options on the menu and I chose the veggie pasta, just without cheese.

They were extremely accomodating and super friendly. As a fan of knitting and knit-graff, I really appreciated that the trees on either side were covered in some knitting and on each table was a tree branch painted different colours like the knitted squares. It was cute. The food was good, and as it was the only thing I had eaten besides some almonds and a small tin of Pringles it was appreciated.


After walking around archaeological sites all day and getting distracted by another one each time I thought about food, eventually the time to eat did arrive. This time I jumped on Happy Cow and checked out what was near by, deciding I could go a burger. The staff here was also lovely, Let’s just say I have found service in Greece to be amazing and the people are incredible. I went for their kofta burger, which came on a carob and oat bun. It was great! The flavours all worked well together and I really enjoyed it. There were a few things on the menu here that I thought looked good and if I was to spend a prolonged time in Athens I would definitely go there again.

Vegan Eats Athens | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats Athens | Nat Looking Around


It was day 2 of archaeological site seeing and another day of not eating until about 4:30ish. It’s Linner. I eat lunch/dinner when I am travelling. It was also another day of using Happy Cow to pick my food place. 3 for 3 in Athens, of lovely staff and great food. There were a few things again on the menu here and I did that thing as well where I thought I had decided on what I wanted and as I ordered something else fell out of my face hole. I always find it interesting when you catch yourself talking and it’s not what you were thinking you were going to say.

I went with their falafel wrap and it was super yummy. Great flavours and the potato side was also quite nice. Having a plate to eat the wrap was fantastic, it caught al the dropping bits which I still got to gobble up.