I’ve decided to try and do a bit of a vegan food focus blog series on each place I visit. I’m hoping that these improve a bit with practice because I am not a food blogger, as you will tell from these photos. I don’t think to take a photo of my food until I have started it already, sometimes I just haven’t even taken photos. So it turns out Spain seems to be pretty good with the vegan options. There was no issue in finding and trying great places walking distance from where I was staying.


On my very first day after arriving I went for a bit of an exploration and used the Happy Cow app to find Suculenta. The two women in here were super friendly and helpful, taking the time to explain to me their meal pack options. I chose their couscous salad which was amazing! It was vibrant in colour and mixed together with peas, broccoli, and olives. I also chose a piece of their carrot cake. It was so moist and tasty.

This was the first food I ate having arrive in Bilbao and after being in transit for a day and half or something, taking photos of my food was far from my thoughts. I think it was after this meal that I started to think that maybe I should share food bits. I also picked up a pastie thing to take back to my room with me for later. That was pretty good too. I wanted to go back as it was all so good, but figured I was only here for a short time so I should suss out some other places.

The next day I ended up tracking down some vegan pintxos between visiting the Guggenheim and the Bilbao Museum of Fine Art using the Happy Cow app again. If you haven’t used it before it’s great, not just for food either.

Green Bistrot - Vegan Pintxos

Green Bistrot

There is a selection of pintxos at the bar that are vegan to choose from. Everything is signed and although there was a slight language barrier between myself and the guy working there we muddled our way through. I just picked two items at random to have with a coffee and they were quite nice. They also have a menu with more meal like options that also include vegan choices.

I did start to clue in here that perhaps vegan in Spain might include quite a bit of mock meat substituting. If you’re a fan of the mock meats and foods that look like meat that aren’t meat, than it’s great for you. For those that know me, know I am not such a fan of imitation meat products. There is a huge psychological battle I need to endure every time I am faced with eating it. I personally prefer avoiding having to do that.

On my last day I just took my time walking around Bilbao and exploring places, including lots of food joints.

Txarloska Pastelería Vegana

I had seen the Txarloska recommended highly across all platforms so decided I would walk there in the morning and pick up a treat for later in the day. This is a super cute cake shop full of vegan treats. The guy here knew a bit of english and I got him to recommend for me the best chocolate item they had. He pointed me towards a beautiful slice of an almond flour cake. It was yum, so yum, I did not take a photo of it.

Bohemian Lane

I popped in here for coffee and breakfast/lunch. By the time I got here I had already stopped at K2 for a coffee and picked up a piece of cake. I just hadn’t eaten yet. This was a great way to break fasting. The woman here spoke english and it was such a cute little place. (It’s the place in the header image btw.) These slices of potato and leek things are amazing, and the pastie was yummo. I really enjoyed this meal and if I was to go back to Bilbao I would pop back in here.

Vegan Eats: Bilbao - Bohemian Lane
Vegan Eats: Bilbao - La Camelia

La Camelia

This was the last place I ate at in Bilbao. As you can see, I didn’t really get any better at taking pictures of my food before starting . I opted for their tofu burger as I wanted some protein in my life along with potato of course.

The flavours of this were different to things I have really eaten before. I’m not even sure how to explain them. Not bad at all, just different and an interesting experience trying to figure out what I was tasting. It was the green sauce on the potatoes that really intrigued me. The staff here also spoke english and were friendly. It was a pretty cute place and I would probably head back here too.