I figured I would bundle these two prefectures together as I only ate out once in each location. But both of these meals were fantastic and definitely worth talking about.


You can’t visit Hiroshima, and not have Okonomiyaki. Nagata-ya came highly recommended everywhere as a place with vegan options! I even committed to this place as it is near the Peace Park it’s quite popular. I walked past it at the start of my day of exploring and at the end of my exploration, I came and joined the line out the front. It moved relatively quickly, I think it was about a 30 minute wait. As I am just one solo person, I got seated at the main counter. Your meal is cooked right in front of you and served up on the grill.

One of the reasons this place comes so highly recommended is that they use separate utensils and wipe down the hot plate when serving vegan. Now, if you come here make sure that you don’t eat anything else prior to your visit. I had walked around and done many things knowing that this was going to be my meal. It was super yummy, very filling, and as I neared the last portion it felt ridiculous to get it boxed up and take it away with me, that I worked hard and finished every last bite.

Nagata-Ya, Hiroshima Vegan Eats | Nat Looking Around
Himeji, Vegan Eats | Nat Looking Around


After visiting Himeji Castle I was a bit peckish and looking for somewhere to eat. I cam across Il Riccio via the apps and thought I would check it out. Initially when I realised that the lunch menu finished at 3pm I wasn’t going to get much. However, this meant that my late timing actually meant I would order something I wouldn’t of otherwise and I would have completely missed out on one of the best pancakes of my life!

Oh MY GOSH! These were delicious and melt in your mouth yummy. I didn’t know that this was what I needed until I was having it. I know that this is a meal, that I am going to dream about. I know you might think it’s ridiculous to get this excited about pancakes. However, there was a time, before I would say potato is my favourite food, that pancakes would have been my favourite food. They still are, potatoes and pancakes. If you like pancakes,

This place is also a bit of a store that has some vegan and non-vegan options. You can find here though some items that are more difficult to find at a local supermarket/kombini.