Kyoto has so many vegan options, it’s incredible. As this was where I spent the most time 10 years ago, I really was able to see just how many more places have become available. There were a couple options last time, but nothing like there is now. If you look at Happy Cow, you will find heaps of choices and more constantly being added. The food is also incredible at all of them. Good food and Japan really do go hand in hand.


What a first meal to have in Kyoto. After arriving I had some time to fill before checking into my accommodation so I left my suitcase in a locker at the station and went for a walk to find something to eat. I decided to give Vegout a go as it was popping up in my searches and it wasn’t too far away, about 15 minutes. It was so lovely as it was situated overlooking the river and sitting at the window I had a wonderful view. The staff were very friendly and the food was delicious.

Vegan Eats: Kyoto, Japan | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: Kyoto, Japan | Nat Looking Around


After visiting the Manga Museum and out walking around and exploring Kyoto before checking into my new accommodation I stopped for some lunch. I had walked past Ain Soph. prior to going to the museum and they weren’t open yet, so I decided to circle back and stop by for lunch. They were having a private function start soon, but managed to fit me in for a quick meal.

The staff were all helpful and friendly. The food was very tasty The curry was full of flavour and mild, very nicely done.


I also stumbled across this place and was in the mood for a coffee and snack. Situated at the back of a store with a yoga studio also attached there is the cafe. I ordered a coffee and a muffin. The muffin was so good, nice and moist. It was very morish. This place also happened to stock Loving Earth chocolate so I picked up some, as chocolate was definitely something I hadn’t eaten for a while. It was also a nice treat.

It turned out, that this place and the first place I ate at in Kyoto are jointly owned. Both venues are lovely and unique.

Vegan Eats: Kyoto, Japan | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: Kyoto, Japan | Nat Looking Around


Once I had finished hiking up the Fushimi Inari pathway and visiting the shrines and torii, I had built up an appetite. So much that I had dessert after my meal. Which is something I very rarely do. I chose one of their lunch plates and then followed it up with a piece of tiramisu. Oh wow, that was melt in my mouth delicious.

The meal itself was also fantastic and very filling. Just look at that lineup of dishes. I was seated near a window and the sun was streaming in nicely too. The plate was full of yummy tastes and wonderful textures. It really was a pleasant meal, and hit the spot after the hiking I had done.


The burger here was insane! The staff were so lovely, and it is such a cute little venue. Seeing other peoples plates had me wanting to try everything, however I decided to go for the burger. Just look at that thing! I generally eat a burger with a knife and fork, and this was no exception. Mind you, this actually was my first time using a knife and fork in weeks. It felt really strange picking them and having to un-chopsticks train my hands.

The burger had plenty of flavour and was really filling. It was a decent meal, and I really enjoyed the vibes sitting at the bar eating. This actually ended up being my last meal in Japan. It was so filling I didn’t need to eat anything for the rest of the day.

The next day, I did stop by at Coyote, a coffee shop near the train station for a coffee and a slice of their carrot cake before making my way to the airport. I didn’t snap a picture of that so it’s just getting a teeny mention here. It was also a snack not a meal, so the burger still counts as final meal in Japan.

Vegan Eats: Kyoto, Japan | Nat Looking Around