I just got back from a weekend away in Split and got to try out the local vegan food scene. There is quite a few plant based restaurants and lots more with options available. It has been a little while since I have gone exploring vegan food options and I was enjoying it. Trying to get back into the swing of it as there will be 3 weeks of what do I eat in Greece coming up soon.
Vegan Eats Split: Barkakokula


I arrived in Split on Friday evening and as I was walking around exploring decided to bust out the Happy Cow app and see what vegan food options appeared. This was one of the top suggestions and it was close by to where I was at.
I decided to start my Split food journey with a burger. It’s been a little bit since I had one and it was an oyster mushroom burger so that was really the draw card.

Burger was a bun filled with things not a ‘patty’. The mushroom was actually sliced up and placed between the spelt bun with salad and stuff. It was yum, and it came with a side of fries. My only complaint was the paper that the food sat on, on the plate. It was unnecessary and I had to take everything off it and move the food directly to the plate as the paper was tearing and stuff as I was cutting my burger. Just ditch the paper and serve directly on the plate.

I didn’t take a photo of the floor where I was sitting but it was a clear bottomed floor so that the ruins could be seen underneath. I giggled every time someone walked in to use the bathroom because everyone stopped and did the foot tap, looking at it figuring out if they could walk on it or not and what was going on. I did the same thing too, so it was just entertaining watching a bunch of other people go through that experience.


I saw Pandora Greenbox on Friday night when I was out but had already eaten so brain banked it for my next meal. I did a walking tour in the morning and the guide, Mijo (he also runs a vegan tour of Split) mentioned a few places to me. Was good to hear when he was suggesting the place I ate at last night, and he mentioned this one too.

The interior is beautifully decorated with lots of plants and it has a lovely vibe. (the featured blog image is from here) The staff were friendly and the food was great. It’s not cheap, but it is costed appropriately for what is on offer. The presentation and design of the food is impressive and the plates are certainly instagrammable. I really enjoyed peeking at what other people were getting and how it looked. I opted for the Marlene Dietrich dish (all the menu items are names after famous women.) It was a crispy tofu dish and I have found it really difficult to find tofu where I am living in Croatia so ordering it out has become something I look forward to now. I haven’t been cooking it for myself much at all.

This was a delicious meal. It looked good, it tasted great, and I loved every bite of it.

Vegan Eats Split: Greenbox
Vegan Eats Split: Ela's


After walking up Marijan Hill I was feeling that a snack would be good. I jumped onto the Happy Cow app and had a quick look and I noticed Ela’s pop up on the list. I headed there and asked if they had vegan options and there was 6-9 choices, including a vegan chocolate. I went with the lemon and mint. It was a pleasant and refreshing treat. It cost about $2.60(AUD).

This was actually the first Gelateria I had gone into during my time in Europe. Part of me has just been trying to avoid eating too many sweets/desert type things. I don’t crave them as much as I did when I was a kid and tend to now opt for the more savoury side of things. This was very nice though, and I think the mint was a nice touch. It was like a mojito.


I completely spaced on even thinking about taking a photo of my pizza. This is what happens when I am not eating alone. I have other things to do in the moment than take photos. I also can’t figure out what the place we ordered it from, however the staff there were amazing! I was with Jules ( a woman I had been connected with through Karlo from Zagreb) and this was the local pizza joint across the road from her place. We went over to order as we figured it would be easier to discuss vegan options in person.

They were so helpful and accomodating. There wasn’t even a vegetarian option on the menu for their pizzas, so this was a what have you got type deal and the pizza chef, he was happy to make the order up for me. Also, it was great. The base was a nice thin one. So just mentioning this as even places that don’t seem to have any options can still be very accomodating and helpful. Just because a venue’s name doesn’t have plant based or veg in it, doesn’t mean you can’t eat there.


This was another food place that had bleeped on my radar. Both in my online searches and being recommended by Mijo. So I decided as I had no other meals left that this was my Sunday breakfast spot. I really enjoyed walking here after I checked out of my accomodation. It was the quietest during daylight hours I had seen the streets of Split, and it was prime opportunity to get some last minute snaps of things too.

This is a super cute little place and was made even cuter by the bulldog that came in, wiggling his butt, and sitting wanting food. I think he belonged to one of the chef’s and knew exactly where to try to get treats. When that didn’t work, he did come and look very cute at me after my dish had been served.

I decided to choose the Omelette, made from chickpea flour with zucchini, tomato, onion, and capsicum. It came with salad on the side and it was a great start to the day. Really satisfying and it was nice to try something different. I have now had a few things using chickpea flour in recipes that usually would have an egg base, so I am curious to see if I can make a zucchini slice with it.

Of the 3 food places, this one offers cheaper food options, however the quality is still there too. This joint does more burger types of food in later day servicing.

Vegan Eats Split: Veg