I had a kitchen while I stayed in Tokyo so I actually cooked a few meals for myself. Each day I started with a homemade cooked breakky. Besides that dealing with jet lag there were quite a few times I snacked and fell asleep without eating more proper meals. So I actually didn’t get to eat out as much as I had planned. I had about 3 places saved that I wanted to visit that I heard about and never even made it to them. In fact there was apparently a vegan Spanish food place right near where I was staying and I never even made it there. Next time.


While out and about visiting Akihabara I worked up a hunger checking out all the anime figures. This place is actually conveniently located right at the train station. The staff were friendly, helpful, and provided an english menu. The food was great and this was my first proper meal made by someone else in a few days. It was great. I was just starting to feel like a person again and this food definitely helped.

Vegan Eats: Tokyo, Japan - Komaki Shokudo Kamakura Fushikian
Vegan Eats: Tokyo, Japan - Bio Cafe


After checking out the view from Tokyo Tower and making my way to Shibuya I realised I was starting to get a bit peckish. I just happened upon the Bio Cafe while exploring and decided to stop in and grab a bite to eat. I decided to give their burger a go. It was great, it was clean and fresh. They also offered a buffet style salad that I helped myself to. This was really nice and a bit different to what I had been eating. I really enjoyed the avocado and tomato.

I also picked up a matcha donut that they had when I was leaving which I had with a coffee for breakfast the next day. It was really good. I’m glad I dropped by the Bio Cafe.