Let’s kick the UK edition of Vegan Eats off with my first two weeks of meals. Well eating out meals. I have actually had more to eat than what I post about.

I’ve been pretty impressed with the vegan options in supermarkets and such here in the UK. Labelling here is super clear and there are lots of options about. I even came across a Cadbury vegan block of chocolate. There have been some great microwave meals and things I have picked up too along the way. So my eating out at times has been minimal.

VEGAN EATS | Nat Looking Around


Ryn and I headed out to explore London for the day and our first stop was for coffee and breakfast. We ended up at Dauns kicking off my Vegan Eats diary with a toasted sandwich. It was pretty tasty and a good base for my body before we headed off walking around for the day.

As you can see, Ryn was very excited about the food. We also ordered a serve of their potatoes to share, which were super yummy. Potato is definitely my weakness. I chose the smoked tofu sandwich and Ryn went with mushroom. Really choosing those tofu meals now and trying to increase my protein intake after a lack of it in Greece.

After being in Greece the cost of food in the UK was a bit of a shock. I had got used to converting AU to EU and the cost of things, this was kind of my first glimpse into converting AU to Pound and an expensive first meal. It was tasty and satisfying though. I also got us some vegan gluten free chocolate ball things as a snack for later.


After walking about exploring London it was time for Ryn and I to find somewhere for dinner. We came across Vegan Yes and neither of us had ever had vegan Korean before so decided to stop in here.

The couple who ran this restaurant were lovely and the food was fantastic. We got started with an epic Espresso Martini while we waited for our meals. Before ordering a selection of their in-house made kimchi was provided for tasting. Depending on your meal you got to choose the kimchi of your choice to go with it. I opted for their red kimchi which had a nice kick to it.

The sushi burger caught my attention and this was the most unique burger I have ever had. It was so good and very easy to eat. Definitely satisfying.

Vegan Eats: UK | Nat Looking Around


I totally forgot to take any photos of the food. This was Ryn and I’s first night in Bristol and we went out for dinner with Kay (Ryn’s friend we were staying with). There were some photos of us taken out at dinner but none of the food. There were lots of vegan options on the menu and we decided that we would do a share of all the things.

It was super lovely and really nice to partake in a nice shared meal like this with others. It has certainly been a while since I had done this. The food was pretty good too.

Vegan Eats: UK | Nat Looking Around


On my last day in Bristol I headed out to grab a bite for breakfast on my own. I had noticed the day before when Ryn and I got coffee that the local shop around the corner had vegan options available too. So I popped back in there. I ended up deciding to go for their English Breakfast. Wow! That was the most heaped plate of things I had ever seen.

The crispy tofu was so good and so was the battered peas and other bits. It was really good and I was pretty impressed with my attempt to eat it all. I certainly didn’t get through all of it, but I made more than dent in it. The staff were lovely and super helpful.


While checking out Bath I came across Sweet Little Things and took a quick squiz at their menu. They had vegan scones and so I decided to come back here the next day for afternoon tea, well coffee.

I was pretty excited to be having scones and coffee in Bath to be honest. It was definitely a treat I was going to have to have in the UK at some time and this cafe was super cute, very pink, and the scones were lovely. If I ever return to Bath I would stop by here again for sure.

Vegan Eats: United Kingdom | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: UK | Nat Looking Around


I stopped by the Green Rocket for lunch one day while I was out in Swansea city and opted for their Katsu Curry. The weather wasn’t too bad so I took the opportunity to eat outside for my meal.

This was so yummy. I want to eat this again. The tofu was lovely and the curry was tasty. A very satisfying meal. I also spotted a peanut butter chocolate slice cake thing when I went inside to pay so picked up a slice of that to take home with me for later. I had it with a cup of coffee and it was delicious.


I got into Swansea with about an and a half before checkin time for my accomodation. I rolled my suitcase down the street and found The Jam Jar.

I came in and ordered their beetroot burger. It doesn’t look like much but it was tasty, and the burger was quite moist not dry. The chips were really good! Mmm, hot chips.

Vegan Eats: UK | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: UK | Nat Looking Around


Between visiting a museum and an art gallery I stopped by here for a late afternoon lunch. The buddha bowl called out to me as a dish with colourful tasty bites was exactly what I was craving. This is a cute bar/lounge with quite a few dining seats. The staff were friendly and they had a separate vegan menu.

The dish itself was good and a decent meal I didn’t have to cook or heat up for myself.


This is a bit of a chain of Caribbean inspired dishes, which also means they have an extensive list of rums. For anyone that doesn’t know, I like rum. I came into Swansea to meet up with Dave during his lunch break, so we popped in here for a feed.

They also did 2 for 1 cocktails so we tried their coconut espresso martini, which was good. I prefer a standard one, but the flavours were interesting and it was nice to try something different. I chose another bowl meal and it was good. I’m not the biggest fan of watermelon and I did find the fruit in it a bit odd, but I ate the pineapple and had like one or two pieces of watermelon before eating around them.

Vegan Eats: UK | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: UK | Nat Looking Around


After checking into my hotel for the night I went for a walk around the city streets of Birmingham and stopped by The Vegan Kitchen for dinner. They serve a bunch of takeaway style burgers and lots of it is mock meat style. I chose their mushroom burger which is a deep fried oyster mushroom.

It was such a mess to eat, but it was good. The chips were delicious. The staff was lovely and I ended up just sitting in there chatting to the woman serving me for a bit while I worked out what I was going to go look at for the evening.


My bus wasn’t leaving till 1:30-ish in the afternoon, so I checked out and left my luggage at the hotel to go explore a bit more. I found the Medicine Bakery around the corner from where I was staying via the apps so came by for breakfast.

It had been a while since I had ordered avocado on toast and felt like I was getting a bit of a Melbourne meal in here. The bread was delicious and the wait staff friendly and lovely.

Vegan Eats: UK | Nat Looking Around