Well here we are with a part 3 for vegan eating in the UK. I decided to continue with the series I started on my last trip. In this part I am popping in the places in England I ate during my first two weeks in the UK, so London, Ramsgate, and Canterbury. Feel free to follow me over on Happy Cow where I also try to leave reviews and keep a running list of the places I eat at.
Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around


This was my first time visiting a food hall. Slightly different than a food court in that it’s sit down table service but there are a range of food shops around. I had come across Palm Greens via Happy Cow while I was out and about near Tottenham Court Road. The staff were super helpful and explained how the whole place looked when I clearly looked slightly confused about what I was doing. I ended up at a table and ordered myself the Mexican Tostada Bowl.

I loved it. It was packed full of flavour and had great textures. Nice crunch, bit of heat, and lots of greens. Tasty and satisfying, just how I like my meals.


So I was back out at Tott-Court Road to catch up with Annabel. She recommended we meet for a feed here at I am so glad that she did! An Indian Thali buffet joint where you can pick your plate and it’s so reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a decent feed and good value, I highly recommend. This is definitely going to be a return to venue for me.

The staff were lovely and there are heaps of vegan choices. It started getting pretty busy by the time we were finishing up, and I now know why. I would probs suggest trying to get there during off peak times, I am glad we met up for an early feed.

Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around


After checking into my new accommodation in London I headed out to find a bit to eat. 222 Vegan was close by so I decided to check it out. The woman waiting was super helpful and let me know that I could find some specials listed on their Instagram that weren’t on the menu. I ended up opting for one of the specials as it looked so good. I was not disappointed.

The potatoes were delicious and that slice was more-ish. It was a decent sized meal and nicely balanced.


I was just feeling like something light for lunch especially when I found myself in fancy Farmacy. There is plenty of seating here, and it has some bougie-esque vibes to the place. The staff were lovely and the Super Green soup was lovely. I really enjoyed it and was just after a light lunch after visiting the Museum of Brands. I wasn’t overly excited by the menu and would probably choose trying somewhere else or going to Govinda’s again instead of rushing back here.

Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around


Today was certainly the day for me eating at fancier restaurants. First Farmacy and now Mallow. I didn’t have much time before seeing A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe, but thought I should eat something before going in. I found Mallow on the GMaps and made my way there for a quick bits. I opted for their pea and mint tortellini. It had incredible flavours. It might have been 3 pieces and cost me $20AUD but sure was nice! This is another one of those places where I would come and eat more when I had more time and money. For sitting up at the bar alone and a quick light bite before seeing a show, it was good.


It was my laundry washing day and it seemed like a good idea to check out this place which was near where I was staying. This was the only thing I had to eat for the day as it was so filling. I probably didn’t need the chips, but I wanted them and was glad I managed to fit them in somewhere. The plate was great, good combo of textures and flavours.

I probably appreciated a bit more too as what was on this plate was more than I ate the day before and cost me less. Sure it wasn’t as fancy a restaurant, but it fit my budget and vibes for the day.

Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around


Once I checked in to my accommodation it was time for a get our and explore a bit. I was hungry so stopped for an early dinner at Jah Jah’s. There wasn’t anyone dining in the place yet and there was a new waitress getting trained up. I was quite happy to be a learning how to take orders customer for her. i decided to give their curry a go,

It was pretty filling and while it’s not overly spicy or anything it certainly had some good flavour. The venue itself is pretty cute and there is a good vibe to the joint. A couple came in while I was eating as well as take away orders were going out, so I expect that it gets a bit busier later on.


I walked here the night before so flagged it for somewhere to come and grab a bite from. The venue has a yoga studio attached at the back and there is a really nice vibe in the place. It’s bright and full of light. The staff were lovely and I ordered the yellow split pea dahl. It was super super yummy. Delicious and it had lots of flavour. It was a really lovely lunch.

Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around


I ended up popping in here while I was out exploring Canterbury for the day. I had planned on going to a recommended place on Happy Cow but it was chockers. Late lunch tourists were out in full swing today. I walked past here and noticed on their menu they had a smashed avo and I was down with that for a lunch.

The coffee was decent, the staff friendly, and the avo was good.


So this fish and chip shop is owned by some sisters and one of them I believe is a vegan. So this is apparently the first chippie in the UK to have a full vegan menu. They use separate fryers, etc and of course I just ordered chips. Even though there are more things I just don’t do fake meat and I really don’t want to eat something fish like.

Anyway, I picked up the chips after visiting the museums and then walked for a bit so, excuse the photo, but they were good chips. Luckily also that the only change I had was the exact amount I needed to order them. It was fate that I gave these a go. It was pretty nice to be sitting down, chilling out, and eating some good chippy chips!

Now I am writing this I should of checked if there were potato cakes as it’s been years since I ate one… Not that I had the cash on me for it anyway.

Vegan Eats UK: Part 3 - London & Ramsgate | Nat Looking Around