Part 4 of the UK vegan eats series. This episode is Scotland-centric. Being back here for a second time is certainly seeing me eat at more places. I find that I eat a lot of burgers in the UK, and also more pizza then I usually would. Eating out in the UK is something I do cos I have to, I’m rarely super excited by the meal but when I am, it’s generally worth returning for. An example as I haven’t included it in this list is Soul Food Kitchen in Glasgow. At the end of this Scotland leg I returned and ate there again, and ordered the same thing I got last time so decided not to repeat it here.

Also be sure to follow me over on Happy Cow. I try to leave reviews and keep a running list of the places I eat at over there too.

Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around

13th Note (Glasgow)

This pub that hosts live music also hosts a vegan menu and stocks vegan wines. It’s a super cool venue and the staff were lovely. Super helpful too and pointed me in the direction of the local street press for me to peruse to see what what happening in town while I was in.

The falafel burger was good and had a nice kick to it. …Cut to a few weeks later when I was leaving Glasgow and the algorithm served me a news article about the kitchen closing here amidst health concerns. I didn’t get sick or anything, so whatever. However, this venue which had been running for over 20 years is now closing it’s doors after staff strikes, bad press, and all those things that can kill a business. So see below for other Glasgow food options or take a peak at the UK Part 2 post.

Mono (Glasgow)

Mono is a super cute and very popular joint. It’s also a live music space and shares its roof with Monorail Music.

It’s a lovely venue and the staff were also friendly. Lots of laptops out during the day and seemed to be a bit of a working space. If I lived in Glasgow it would probably be one of those places I would organise meetings at too. I would definitely consider it for event hire too if I was ever working on anything that needed a space or launch in Glasgow.

The menu here also excited me more than some other places. I chose the Goan Curry for lunch and it was great! It had good flavours and was a decent portion size. It was satisfying.

Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around


Just around the corner from where I was staying was Nonna Said. It had popped up in a few searches so I decided to check it out for a pizza. They have a separate vegan menu. I chose the garlic mushroom pizza as it was really a lot of fake meat options.

Whatever cheese they use is very cheese-like. Mind you it’s been years since I ate real cheese but I had to ask and confirm it was a vegan pizza cos it spooked me too much. It was a close by meal with friendly staff. Would I rush back there, no. If I was out with a group of mates for dinner and drinks, yeah. It’s got a cool vibe and I loved the hip hop décor. Okay, Sure the pizza didn’t look so great with the dark red lighting.


After checking into my hotel in Inverness I was on the search for somewhere to eat. I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for but Escobar popped up in some searches so went and checked it out.

They have a separate vegan menu and I wasn’t super hungry so chose the nacho started. I’m not rushing back there to eat again. It’s another if I was with a bunch of mates going out for margaritas and a bite, I would visit. Quality wise it’s a bit like a Taco Bill. It did the job though and fed me for the evening.

Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around


The most mentioned vegan place in Inverness is this take away joint, located in The Victorian Market. Very friendly staff and a nice selection of foods. On my first visit I went for the falafel bowl and it was exactly what I wanted. Just a decent size selection of fresh ingredients.

I also swung by here on my final morning in Inverness before catching my train to Aberdeen and got some chips. They were also very nice. The Victorian Market food court area has plenty of seating and is super dog friendly. Watching the cleaning staff bring treats out for the dogs and make sure they all have water is really nice. Actually dog friendly food places are super common in the UK. In a way it’s promoted that it stands out as a feature, more so than the food itself sometimes.


After going on the tour around Inverness I thought it would be a good idea to eat something before going back to my hotel. It was peak meal time and without a prebooked reservation I wasn’t going to get into a few places. So I went for a quick walk around to see what I could find. I found a pub chain which had some vegan options and stopped by there.

I had the pulled mushroom chilli. It wasn’t too bad and it did the job of putting some food in my belly. Which wasn’t a burger or a pizza either. Some of the pub chains are definitely worth keeping an eye out for as they do tend to cater for dietary requirements. If you’re in a pinch there is usually something to eat.

Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around


When we stopped at Portree on the Isle of Skye tour I was originally going to go to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately when I got there I noticed their cash only sign and so I went elsewhere. I didn’t have enough cash on me to pay for a meal and I wasn’t hungry enough to bother with going to get some.

I did however come across the Isle of Skye ice cream shop who had some vegan options available. I chose this yellow looking one that I can’t remember the name of the flavour but it’s based on some UK drink. I had never heard of it or tried it so wasn’t 100% sure what I was ordering. It was nice though, maybe slightly sherberty tasting.


This is a super cute cafe with friendly staff and good vibes all round. I gave their souvlaki a go and it was quite epic. I would be coming back here multiple times I lived in Aberdeen. It’s a good catch up place and there is more seating located downstairs.

There are plenty of food choices for breakfast and lunch. It’s a day time place so if you’re exploring the city you might want to swing by for a refueling.

Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around


I forgot to snap any pics of my purchases here but I came by and picked up some treats to take back to my accommodation with me. It’s a cute little bakery with a daily baked goods. I purchased and tried a Buttery – which I was told was the traditional breakfast of Aberdeen. It’s a bit like a croissant. It was very nice and I would certainly not have a problem with eating one for brekky most days. My hips might, but my taste buds would want more. Obviously the more traditional uses butter and lard but none of that is found here.

Also fun fact, these are also called rowie, and as a Rowe I felt it was my duty to try one. It’s also exciting when I can find and try vegan options of local foods and enjoy some of that aspect of travel.


When I got back to Aberdeen from Dunnottar Castle I went to find somewhere to eat. I stumbled upon a bit of a food court place with different restaurants and walked around seeing what I stood out. I decided to go with this Thai chain restaurant I hadn’t tried before.

Their menu has vegan options clearly marked and the staff were also friendly and helpful. The meal itself was satisfying and really hit the spot after my day of walking lots and exploring. It was nice to eat something flavourful with a bit of a kick to it.

Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around


I had a bit of a look on Happy Cow to see what was around and open and landed on Paco’s. The staff were really friendly and there is a decent vegan menu here to choose from. I even treated myself to an Espresso Martini here. It was a lovely late arvo/evening so I sat outside which was really nice.

For food I gave their Spicy Tofu Enchilada a shot. I was craving some tofu protein. It might have looked a bit of a mess but it was good. It was much better than the nachos I had at the Mexican food restaurant in Inverness. I wonder if something else from there would have beat this.


I had seen Brewdog around the UK but hadn’t actually stopped into one. Mostly as I don’t drink beer and I hadn’t thought about visiting for food, however on a Sunday in Perth it was open after I was done exploring the museum and art gallery and just across the road from the gallery. I checked it out and they have a few vegan options. So I got myself a pizza. That was super filling and sorted me out for the rest of the day.

Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around


While out walking around Perth I checked out some food places, the first one I walked into turned out that they were chefless that day so food was out.
I wasn’t planning on just day drinking so kept wandering. The next place had a big menu sign on the wall and a small vegan section, but I figured that would do.

I got a burger and a juice. The burger here was nice and so were the chips. The staff were friendly and the waitress whose first day it was seemed to have been thrown in the deep end. She was handling it all well though. She wasn’t a teenager so I don’t think it was quite her first rodeo. The manager was super lovely though and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his accent when he spoke.


After walking around Scone Palace and back into Perth I thought I would go check out the vegan restaurant in town on the only day I was around when it was open. I really wish I had of tried something else on the menu, but I think I was just craving chips so I got the burger.

I was disappointed that it was a fake meat burger and it was just too realistic for me. I pulled it out and ate some of the bread but it just wasn’t my sort of thing, and just kind of turned me off eating. The burger the day before was heaps better! So I would suggest going there instead for a good burger. I had considered the broccoli poke bowl and I wish I had of ordered that. Anyway, live and you learn. If I was ever back in Perth, I would probably try the bowl instead. I definitely wouldn’t order the burger.

Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around
Vegan Eats: UK - Scotland Edition | Nat Looking Around


Back in Glasgow, and on my last day in town I went and checked out Stereo. This is a must return place for me and I am still thinking about this meal. As I was eating it I was like, this, this is one of those meals I am going to wish I could just go out for.

Funnily enough I chose it to see what the Scottish version of a Japanese dish was. As I tried my first ever Ramen (vegan) in Japan – I thought let’s give this one a shot. I didn’t expect it to be a Japanese ramen, which was a good thing because it isn’t. However, as much as I have craved the vegan ramen in Japan I ate, equally too now this. It had so much flavour and was also super filling. So exactly what you want from a good ramen. The staff here were lovely and it’s also a live music/pub joint. I love that in Glasgow there are multiple independent live music venues that serve up vegan menus. This is a would 100% return to place and would also be keen to check it out of an evening and watch some music here. I am looking forward to one day spending a chunk of time in Glasgow.