The bus into Zagreb was leaving Otočac at 6amish so I was up early and ready to go. By the time we arrived it was just before 9am. I had arranged to meet up with Karlo, the tour guide from Bespoke Croatia (who I had a tour with the previous week when I was in town) for a drink and chat. Afterwards I was ready for lunch and he walked and dropped me off at one of the vegan restaurants that he includes in his Zagreb Sites & Vegan Bites Tour. I’ve added this restaurant now to the Zagreb Vegan Eats blog by the way. I’ll catch up with Karlo again next month and also hopefully meet his wife and daughter. It’s nice to have started building networks and friendships around the place. (It’s great having a job that I can take everywhere.)

After lunch it was time that I could check into my accomodation so made my way there and up the four flights of stairs. I was aware prior to booking that there were stairs and my butt likes it when I walk up and down lots of stairs. I dropped by things off, turned on the AC and took a moment to cool myself off and charge my phone.

I then headed out for a walk around and did some shopping. I picked myself up a new bikini and a pair of sport shorts. On my way out I noticed that in my street was the Museum of Hangovers. So after my shopping adventure I dropped things back off in the apartment and then went to the museum. On entry when you buy your ticket, first you get an opportunity to pop on the drunk goggles and try to hit the mark with a dart for a free ticket. You are then also offered to add a wine or beer to your entry for the “full” experience. I grabbed a wine and wandered around reading a bunch of drunk stories. I love these random museums filled with people’s memories and experiences. Afterwards you get offered a shot of Rakia before heading out the door.

I went and found a cute bar after and had an espresso martini before I found somewhere to have dinner. (also added to the Vegan Eats Zagreb post).

The next day I after checking out I headed back towards the bus station, stopping for breakfast on the way. Now that I have worked out how buses work in Croatia I felt confident to catch the bus to the airport. Considering it cost about $40 less than a taxi, it was pretty good. I then went and picked up my car for the next month and a bit. I tested out the gear changing on the opposite side and tried to adjust to the feel of sitting on the left and driving on the right.

I got out onto the road and my motto in my head is just stick to the right. It didn’t take long till I adjusted and happily accelerated to 130km and was overtaking people that were sticking in the right. OMG! I love that people on the roads here stay on the right hand side so that you can always overtake. None of this rubbish sitting in the overtake lane going slow business. I know at home I end up driving in the overtake lane but that’s cos I am overtaking the whole time and no one uses the system correctly. Now as I have discovered, it can work properly. I can tell already my road rage when I get back is going to be through the ROOF! I look forward to hearing what things fall out of my face hole.

Before heading back to Otočac I was making my way to a home maker centre to pick up a few things. Camping gear is top of the list, as I am off to Outlook Origins (tomorrow now as I write this) and Modem (the following week). I grabbed a tent and mattress, and also went and got a hammer. The start of the European doof box is underway!

I also went and purchased a TV and sound bar (with sub woofer) to contribute to making the Croatian house comfortable for us all to visit. I have thoroughly been enjoying the sound bar this week and getting to listen to music not through headphones or my laptop.

After all the shopping I drove back to the house. Between leaving the car park and getting back there was a panicked phone call to Mum and Dad hoping they weren’t asleep and would answer. I couldn’t get out of the car park as I couldn’t figure out how to put the car in reverse and Google wasn’t helping me. I had tried finding buttons and all things but luckily Dad was on it and suggested pushing the gear stick down. That is what I had not tried. With the crisis averted and my panic subsided I let Mum and Dad go back to getting to sleep as I drove home.

Since then the week has been about setting up and watching TV, smashing out a bunch of work as I am taking a bit of time off over the next couple of weeks. I also managed to find a TV stand at the local Plodine, so now the coffee table is back to being a coffee table.

I’m going to head off to Tisno tomorrow and set up my new tent. I didn’t get one as extravagant as my tent at home, but it is a big square that I can stand up in. It’s actually 2m tall or something, so a tall person could stand in it too. Anyway, will test it out and will let you know how the festival and everything else goes next week when I am back between festivals.