It’s getting close and it’s starting to feel real. It’s almost time for my Natventure. In the past week I have started booking tickets for some of the sites I want to see. This has definitely helped build the excitement and realisation that this isn’t just a fantasy anymore. This trip has at times lived in that same realm as talking about “When I win tattslotto…“.

This week is all about the test luggage pack. What am I taking and how is it going to fit? I sure do love a good game of stuff Tetris. It’s like packing a car before a doof! I’ve decided to try to save myself space by planning on buying a winter wardrobe instead of packing one. That way then I can leave it there for future use when I am back! As living between here and there is one of my ultimate long-term life goals.

I also want to get to Spotlight this week to get some nice lightweight material to make a crop wrap top. Something that I can scrunch up easily and carry with me for those times I might need some shoulder coverage.

I’ve stocked up on hair dye and also just got the awesome supercharged face kit from Sass + Co Body. So I will have great skin and hair while I am exploring. If you’re looking for a cruelty free, vegan, skincare range then definitely suss out Sass + Co‘s, super lush products.

Gnattus - Dissecting Disney Ditties - What is the best Disney song?I’m also super excited that my Dissecting Disney Ditties tee arrived! As soon as I saw these released I decided I needed one to travel with. If it isn’t a conversation starter, I’m going to be shocked. I expect this clothing item to help me meet people.

If you haven’t had a listen yet, go join Staccas and Will as they unpack more than 80 years of Disney animated musicals in an effort to answer The Impossible Question: What is the Best Disney Song? Available for listening on your fave podcast platform!

I’m hoping to rock a few other tees repping mate’s businesses/projects while I am away! Might as well do some promo plugging while I am travelling, taking photos, making videos, and posting all the things on the internet. I am really looking forward to creating content. I’m excited to be inspired, motivated, and to have the freedom to play around and discover things for the first time. The next thing I post here might even be a video actually.