It’s happening. I have started to make bookings. I managed to locate all the flight credit vouchers I had from when the trip of 2020 was cancelled. It’s been interesting as this time round I have made my travel plans based on the flight credit and how I could best make use of it. To kick it all off I will be landing in Bilbao, Spain. After a few days I will head to Barcelona for a week, then onto Madrid for another. I was going to fly from there to Zagreb, Croatia; however I found another flight voucher I had missed so instead decided to add a week in Rome, Italy.

This will give me 3 weeks when I arrive in Croatia to meet family, settle into my house, and start getting ready for Modem.

So far I have also booked my accomodation for Spain and Italy. I think I will spend two nights in Zagreb before I head to Otočac. Before Teta, ( my aunt) passed away I asked her what were the things I HAD to do in Croatia. Zagreb museum with a guide, was one of the musts.

In other exciting news I got a new tech toy in the mail today. I have been looking at gimbals for a while and I may have used this trip as a bit of an excuse for me to buy myself one. So stay tuned for travel videos in about 7months time.