This week Australia has opened the airports and is allowing double vaxxed citizens to leave the country! So how did I celebrate this news? I booked myself a ticket for Mo:Dem festival in Croatia next year… Yep! Festival tickets are clearly the way to commit oneself to travel plans.

After last years journey was cancelled cos of the Covid, I have flight credits that I need to book before the end of this year. My spare time is currently spent checking out destinations and planning my escape. My base for this journey will be in Croatia and I would like to make sure I have some time to settle in, set myself up, go shopping for tents and all that fun stuff. Time to set up some European doof boxes.

However before that I think I will take a few weeks to get to Croatia and explore another country first. Late June is looking like a good time to make my way across the seas. I will get to have a small Australian holiday before I go as I have plans already for making it to Queensland for Earth Frequency festival in May.

Over the next 8 months while I save and plan I will be keeping a record of things here. This site is part travel diary and blogs for peeps that want to catch up with what I am doing when I am away, and it’s also part for me to document and keep this diary for myself. It’s been a while since I have just blogged a bit for my own reflection.

Feel free to jump in or out at anytime, and I look forward to sharing the travel tales that take place in the near future.